katie p asked:

I already have a FT Job during the day but I need more $. I have 2 daughters to care for so i really can’t get a 2nd Job outside of the house… I need Ideas of some way to make more $?

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T,Lincoln asked:

I’ve worked as a tablegames dealer for a popular casino 7yrs. I have no college education but i’m very smart, honest, and learn well. My physical apperance and people skills have always given me a good chance of landing jobs. Now everything is online and my life on paper doesn’t speak well for me. I dont have 8yrs or the money to get a good degree, any advise?

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Claudio F asked:

I am confident that the online jobs sector will grow in the future.
I am studying to become a financial advisor.
What job could i do online right now?

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chocolate-drop asked:

I have a bachelor’s degree and a full-time job, I’m just curious about some ways I can use my talent and make a few dollars in my free time. I know I can edit essays/term papers for students, but I’m looking for more creative, “outside the box” ideas… got any?

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bluelemin55 asked:

I need a work from home job. I live in Minnesota and have a 7 month old son. I cannot do home parties and I’m so horrible with money that financial planning is probably not an option (ameriplan, etc) I really want customer service or something, any ideas?

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