childrenproblems asked:

I work from home calling up companies {business to business } on my employers behalf on self employed basis Can I use my database for other companies in the similar industry or not.

financially times are hard what other good or correct ways can I use my database to make money legimately without causing any damages to any1

Please advise
The database is not supplied by my employer it is infact collected and updated by me on a daily basis.

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Sweetpea asked:

I am a finance professional but I have a 1 year old daughter and I really want to stay home with her. I hear so many people who work from home and I so need to stay home with my daughter. I am not looking for sales and that sort of thing. Please help!?!

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Regina asked:

On a limited budget, share the free and low cost tools that are most effective for growing a home based business, an online business, or a small business.
This question is not a solicitation for your home based businesses. It is a question about marketing tools and strategies that people WITH businesses can use to build their businesses.

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Dave M asked:

I’ve got a great programme that I’ve joined that’s making me about $2,500 a week.

However I’d like to increase my income by advertising in the US market as well to my site. I’m currently travelling on business and as such don’t have much time do check up on this.

For further details, you can check out the website at:

Any of you got any ideas how I can go about advertising for my online home based business?

Any ideas would be good such as online or other channels but please give me links to which avenues I can use.

Thank you Very Much!

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