ReeRee asked:

My daughter stays on the computer A LOT! I want her to get a job, but not a REAL one any time soon. What can my daughter do that’s useful that will earn her money and has no regrets? (just alittle spending money)
We alreay have adsense, but I don’t want to submit my tax info online.

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Me asked:

Not looking for a full on part-time job, but I just recently had to pay to repair my car using my Christmas savings. I am going to go donate plasma, but besides that, what are some other ways you earn spare cash?

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Jamie P asked:

Anyone around Tamaqua, that need some help around the house?

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Foxysju asked:

I am looking to earn a little extra cash each month to help pay for my new car payment. Anyone have any other ideas besides donating plasma? I will do it, however, I do not really care for needles.

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minnie mouse asked:

I am a permanent employee at a debt collection company and my salary sucks.Also I have 2 kids, and the father just lost his job and wont b able to pay maintenance for x-time. I am 29 weeks pregnant, cant look for another job now. My current bf is suporting us, but I know he struggles and I can help little from my side. I will really like to help more. Any ideas on how to earn an additional income>

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Lemonhead asked:

I have a job with a lot of downtime. I work 12 hours each shift and work 4 days/nights on and then have 4 days/nights off. Even at work I have approx 6 hours plus downtime per shift where I feel I could be earning some money…. If only I knew what to do!?

I have considered courier driving on my days/nights off but disregarded this due to the potential for wear and tear on my car and the costs involved.

Anybody have any ideas?

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beatle asked:

I’m fifteen and would really like to get a job. The problem is I have no transportation, and no one willing to take me there. I was wondering if there’s any online jobs or ways to earn money. I’ve looked at some things online, but I’m not sure what all could just be scams. So if anyone knows of anything I would really appreciate it!

Thank You

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Burressa asked:

I need some extra cash asap as I have had a family crisis. Any idea’s I already have 2 jobs but it’s not enough to cover my outgoings.

mini.cooper14 asked:

i want to get a few extra pounds but how? help!

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Angel asked:

I have already signed up to be a mystery shopper, and I work full time already.

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