SUPERHULK76 asked:

Like selling games, or anything like that. All I have seen on the internet is get rich quick schemes and can’t find online jobs or anything.

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Claudio F asked:

I am confident that the online jobs sector will grow in the future.
I am studying to become a financial advisor.
What job could i do online right now?

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morrowynd asked:

My mother wants to spend on my neices wedding next year but wants to earn extra money. Any safe thoughts?

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daydreamer asked:

Is there any legitimate home based business for Stay at home mom. I am stuck in the house the whole day since we do not have a second car. I do not have money to invest. What kind of home business do you guys do? Anyone willing to share ideas would be appreciated. Thank you
Madysen asked:

It’s becoming difficult for me to locate writing jobs online (most of what I come across is useless information that doesn’t pertain to my interest at all). Since there aren’t any journals or anything of that sort in my small hometown, I have no choice but to resort to the Internet. Can anyone suggest some sites for writers that really pay for articles, stories, etc.?

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corrin asked:

I have been directed to so many at home work offers. But they all end the same, “to complete this offer for work from home please complete this offer my chosing one or more of the following. Once you have completed this offer you will recieve free information on work at home employment.” I hate that. It says free but clearing its anything but.

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aprilcioch asked:

Job offer for similar position w/ different company for $5,000 less salary; however, job is 100% work from home. Will be W-2 employee. Will the money I can save claiming my home business expenses make up for the $5,000 salary loss?
MES asked:

If anyone knows anything about taxes can tell me if I am self employed with a home based business and file it as a Corporation, can this help me in any way on my taxes.

If yes, please explain.