wali asked:

I am looking for online jobs as a graduate house wife to get some income. i am in u.a.e.if anyone knows about this pl. help me.

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marjory asked:

i would like to take online surveys were i can earn some extra cash
im only 15 which surveys can i do

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Kazimierz asked:

I already work full-time, but I need more money to be able to go to college this year. I don’t think I have anything to sell on eBay. Any other ideas?

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EWWWW!! A BAAAND-AID!!! asked:

I don’t have the money for a babysitter, have 3 children (ages 2,4,7). I’m not sure about Ebay, but wondering if there are some other options/ideas to earn some extra cash…

Not interested at ALL in any internet based jobs that require a “startup fee”.


d.harris03 asked:

I am studying through a online Institute for medical billing and coding. I actually want to be able to work from home so I can be with my three young children. Does anyone know how difficult it would be to do this type of work from home? Are there many medical groups that let “biller and coders” :) work from home?

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theflirtingshack asked:

I’ve been recently laid off and have been searching for legit online jobs. I don’t want to fill out surveys or sale iphones. If you know of any virtual assistant jobs or legit online jobs, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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mer-mer asked:

please give me some advise on how to identify if these online jobs are legitimate? Most of them, if not, all of them are asking for your credit card account.

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oolalexi asked:

Either online or doing odd jobs…i work in retail and we’re slow in january so i am offfor a week…literally. so maybe earning some extra cash would help me get that new car….:D any help is appreciated!

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onastring asked:

Here is my dilemma: I am a full time college student. Unfortunately at this time I have to travel an hour and fifteen minutes to and from school twice a week. My total gas cost is about $50 a week. I also have to pay for gas to work full time. So, this means I am also quite busy. Is there a way for me to earn some extra cash to help with the poor student costs online? Thank you SOOO much for your help.

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