Donald C asked:

I am looking for a good tech support job online that I can telecommute to and has good pay?

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Beena S asked:

I am searching for a job. Can anyone suggest any online jobs that i can do from home? I could not pay any initial fees for that. If at all there is any initial payment , they could always reduce it from their return payment. And one more, will the work be legal?

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shimshim asked:

I read that if you dont get a business license and you run an at home based business and your neighbors dont complain about your work, its unlikey the IRS will find out and make you pay a fee as well as put your business on hold until its done. Now, in the state of FL, if I chose to not get a license because the type of business (event planning) did not require one, would I still have to pay taxes?
beta asked:

I was looking for jobs online to boost my income and I heard about online surveys and data entry jobs online that pay for certain hours of work. Do u know any of these sites that pay for doing online jobs?

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buns asked:

My questions are;
1. Even though i pay tax on my full time job do i still have to pay more tax on my home business?
2. If yes, how much tax do i need to pay if i earn 300£ p/w?
3. Are there any other taxes i need to pay for being self employed and working home based?
I need to assess the financial situation before i jump into it. Please help. Thanks.

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Red White and Yellow® asked:

I looked at google but heard they are not hiring, are there any non scam work at home jobs online that pay good? And please give information.

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2beautiful4wordz asked:

How can I work from home using my computer?
I am currently unemployed. I always come across ads on craigslist, and careerbuilder, as well as other sites for work at home jobs. I know that the envelope stuffing gig is a scam but what about the clerical work, and data entry jobs. If anyone knows of any legitimate jobs where I can work from home, without paying astronomicals fees to start…Please respond.
Please no responses from people working for Paid Survey websites. Any experiences good or bad, please respond.
Thank You

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Ben J asked:

There are so many jobs out there that claim you can earn all this money from working from home but they mostly sound quite dodgy.

Are there legit work from home jobs that do not revolve around selling, telemarketing etc?

singledad asked:

I am retired and need a little extra income. A friend of mine found a job online but when she tried to cash the check they sent her it was no good. I don’t want to waste my time or be ripped off. Are there any online jobs that are honest ?

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Divya asked:

I am a 43 yr old mother of 2 kids and wish to earn some money by doing online work.Can anyone suggest some decent and good websites which offer online jobs. I wish to make some money online thru such jobs and I will also have the option of not leaving my home.

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