katie p asked:

I already have a FT Job during the day but I need more $. I have 2 daughters to care for so i really can’t get a 2nd Job outside of the house… I need Ideas of some way to make more $?

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Me asked:

Not looking for a full on part-time job, but I just recently had to pay to repair my car using my Christmas savings. I am going to go donate plasma, but besides that, what are some other ways you earn spare cash?

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Foxysju asked:

I am looking to earn a little extra cash each month to help pay for my new car payment. Anyone have any other ideas besides donating plasma? I will do it, however, I do not really care for needles.

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minnie mouse asked:

I am a permanent employee at a debt collection company and my salary sucks.Also I have 2 kids, and the father just lost his job and wont b able to pay maintenance for x-time. I am 29 weeks pregnant, cant look for another job now. My current bf is suporting us, but I know he struggles and I can help little from my side. I will really like to help more. Any ideas on how to earn an additional income>

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mini.cooper14 asked:

i want to get a few extra pounds but how? help!

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Marine Wifey asked:

I’m looking for a work at home job that is legit. Not a get rich fast opportunity… we all know those don’t work. I’m not willing to pay anything to start up… I believe you should get paid to do a job… not the other way around. I already work full time, but I’m working on my debt snowball to finish paying off debt so I need something I can do in my spare time. Any ideas?

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Kazimierz asked:

I already work full-time, but I need more money to be able to go to college this year. I don’t think I have anything to sell on eBay. Any other ideas?

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EWWWW!! A BAAAND-AID!!! asked:

I don’t have the money for a babysitter, have 3 children (ages 2,4,7). I’m not sure about Ebay, but wondering if there are some other options/ideas to earn some extra cash…

Not interested at ALL in any internet based jobs that require a “startup fee”.


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oolalexi asked:

Either online or doing odd jobs…i work in retail and we’re slow in january so i am offfor a week…literally. so maybe earning some extra cash would help me get that new car….:D any help is appreciated!

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yez asked:

if internet is the answer doing what?
what other things could generate money from home?