Lozza asked:

I work part time( I have a 2yr old daughter to look after) but would like to earn extra cash but everything I look at are scams. can anyone help me???????

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Baby asked:

Are there real online jobs–work from home? Do you believe it? How come are there so many online jobs in the job markets? Are they needy that much? So I believe some are scams and a few are real?

What online jobs do you know are real, legal, and really paid jobs? Are they easy to get?

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angela w asked:

Need to bring a little extra cash home being that i’m pregnant and am at home most of the time anyways.No Scams please just legit suggestions thanks!

bratsluv66 asked:

I am looking for legimate telecommuting jobs. Are there any available that involve online work.

sally f asked:

I am looking to work from home and it’s hard to find anything through all the scams. I am willing to train. Thanks!

Kirstyn asked:

I’m having a garage sale this weekend and I figure that will help some. But I need to come up with as close to $650 by the end of this month. What are some other ways I can do this? I don’t want any of those get rich quick scams on the internet and I don’t want those get paid to take surveys online either. Because I’ve never got paid for any of them I have done before. Can anybody give me any ideas?

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