Jamie P asked:

Anyone around Tamaqua, that need some help around the house?

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Angel asked:

I have already signed up to be a mystery shopper, and I work full time already.

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Jennifer asked:

I have about $450 saved up and want to get at least $1000 more before I start looking for a horse.

What are small things I can do to earn some extra money? I already babysit, what else could I do?

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dreamer asked:

I lost my job about 6 months ago and I have been trying to find a new one but it seems as though no one around my area is hiring…instead they are laying people off. Money is getting really tight and I’m not sure if we are going to be able to make ends meet this month. Does anyone have any ideas of how to earn a little extra money?

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Tina S asked:

I live in denver and i was just wondering if there is simple ways to earn some extra cash, i know about giving blood and scraping metal but is there any other ways?

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Kirstyn asked:

I’m having a garage sale this weekend and I figure that will help some. But I need to come up with as close to $650 by the end of this month. What are some other ways I can do this? I don’t want any of those get rich quick scams on the internet and I don’t want those get paid to take surveys online either. Because I’ve never got paid for any of them I have done before. Can anybody give me any ideas?

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