diamondtia2002 asked:

I am just completing my medical transcription course and was wondering how it works from home. I find the field of Pathology the most interesting and would love to work in thaf field, working from home. What I’m wondering is how it works, for instance, do I tap into a website to get the transcriptions? Thanks for any help.

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yez asked:

if internet is the answer doing what?
what other things could generate money from home?

lightingale asked:

I am currently pregnant and I have a 3 year old son at home. My husband is struggling to pay bills since I have left work a couple months ago. Please let me know how I can earn extra cash working from home. I need something that I can do in between caring for my 3 year old. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Popsy27 asked:

I need extra monthly cash flow. I tried selling Acai berry and being an affiliate agent of a Travel agency but were not helpful. Please help! Thank you!

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